Weight loss update 

Now I'm back at work and (touch wood) keeping a good routine with food I am starting to get into some better eating habits. I am tracking my calories roughly using an app on my phone and planning out meals in advance.  Here are some pictures showing how my journey is going and I will [...]

4olbs To Lose

So I need to lose 40lbs in the next 4 months, which is scaring me slightly! I recently attended an appointment with a fertility specialist as my husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year and a half with no luck. Now I know some of you will be thinking that [...]

Day 19-23 blog challenge 

So this week has been hectic. It is the end of another school year and I've been busy or too tired to blog. I started hydrotherapy this week which wiped me out- I will write a separate post about this, and have been achy ever since. As I haven't been regularly posting this week I [...]