Day 30- I’ve made it! 

So today is the final day of mine and advicebycharlie's 30 day blog challenge. I set out to develop my habit for blogging more regularly and although it hasn't always been daily my posts have become more regular. Today's been optic is when, where and how I blog which is easy to answer. When? I [...]

Day 29 – day in the life of me

So I is the summer holidays so my roudad one is some what more relaxed than normal. Today I got up, had breakfast and took some photos for a blog post to be published sometime this weekend. I then hoovered before heading out for a hospital appointment. I spent a couple of hours a the [...]

Day 28- Things I am grateful for

A day late but day 28 is all about things I'm grateful for. Some people would ask what does someone with a chronic illness have to be grateful for but I am grateful for many things. Family, friends, being able to work, my cats, having a of over my head and food on the table, [...]

Day 27- Hopes for my blog

My hopes for my blog are simple; my blog is a place where I can share my experiences of chronic illness to raise awareness and to support those who also suffer.  I started writing my blog as I knew my life had to change, I was fed up of my fibro being in charge of [...]

Day 18- places to visit

So today is day 18 and as the summer holidays approach this post is well timed. I love going on holiday, well when I can afford it and my fibro isn't playing havoc. Today's post is all about places I would like to visit and why. I don't really have reasons why I want to [...]

Day 17 – friends 

So today is all about friends and I may be biased but I have the best friends a girl could ask for. My friends are amazing! They are understanding and supportive of my condition, they always offer to help, always checking if I'm ok and we have a great time together. I'm not going to [...]

Blog Challenge – sorry

Just a quick post to apologise for not posting for the last few days! It has been a hectic week, with transition afternoon with my new class, a trip to Bristol for a course and a night out for a colleagues leaving party. So I am going to post days 13, 14, 15 and 16 [...]

Day 12- daily routine

So my daily routine depends on wether it is the weekend or not and on what I am teaching. I will run through a general week day for you. So weekdays my alarm is set for 5.45 and then 15 minute intervals till 6.30am. I find the mornings difficult; I'm always tired and always stiff [...]

Day 11- favourite books

I love books and, whether it is a paperback or kindle book, I am constantly reading. I have hundreds of books I could share with you and will be starting a book of the month review post this month.  Today I am supposed to be sharing my top 10 favourite books, which is a challenge [...]