Day 26 – my favourite foods

I have a lot of favourite foods and probably shouldn't eat all of them but life is for living. I am a real big food person, I like going out for meals, grabbing a takeaway and cooking, but I also like to snack. I eat my emotions as they say-so basically I eat all the [...]

Day 16- a family photo Today I am going to link to my sisters blog as she has chosen the exact same image as I was going to use. The picture is of my side of the family and is the most recent group photo I have from my wedding last year. Hannah

Day 15- Everyday makeup look

Well this post is easy as most days I am so tired I can't be bothered to put makeup on!! But normally I will put a moisturiser on as a base, some illuminating concealer, a powdered foundation and mascara on. This only takes me 5 minutes as every moment I have in the morning is [...]

Day 14- Future goals

I currently don't have many goals other than becoming a mum. This is the only goal I want to achieve at the moment and if that is the only goal I ever achieve again I would be very happy. My biggest fear is not being able to have children and with my PCOS this is [...]

Day 13- Favourite Films

So I used to be all about the romance and comedy but since being with my husband enjoy watching a broader range of films. Here is a quick list of my top 10 favourite films: Dirty Dancing Miracle on 34th Street Fault in our Stars The Breakfast Club Marvel series Twilight saga Lion king or [...]

Day 4- Favourite blogs

Today's post is all about the bogs I currently read and I have decided to list my top 5 favourite bogs of the moment. I read lots of blogs about chronic illness and life style but these are the blogs I currently read the most. Two Rooms Plus Utilities - This blog is about chronic illnesses [...]

Day 3 – Pets

So today is all about pets. I have two cats called Daisy and Beau and have always loved animals. Myself and my husband decided that cats would be the best pets as we both work full time and would be unable to give a dog the time it needed. This is Daisy: We adopted Daisy from [...]

Day 2 – name of blog

Today is a short blog as I have been visiting friends all day, as I've been having a good pain day, and I am currently sat at my friends having a few drinks and relaxing. I even managed to do my make up and hair today!!! The reason behind my blog name is simple; I [...]

30 day blog challenge 

Tomorrow I will be starting a 30 day blog challenge that me and my sister (Find her blog here) have made together. We will both be blogging using the list of blog themes that you can find below. We wont be blogging about anything else for the next 30 days that isn't on the list. [...]