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Over the summer I took the decision, after a little convincing from friends, to put some of the handmade items I have been making onto Etsy. I was a little unsure to begin with but decided to give it a go, even if it doesn’t make money at least it might support my craft hobby. So Daisybeau crafts was born.

My main reason for crafting is because it helps me deal with pain. If I’m stuck in bed, can’t sleep or move too much I turn to crafts. Whether it be crochet, sewing or arty projects it helps me relax and takes my mind of what can be excruciating pain. I’m not saying it always helps, sometimes my wrists can be too sore to do anything but if it is fatigue or pain else where, this is my go to activity. I mainly crochet as it is easy to take with you. I currently have lots of small items on my shop as these are easier for me to handle but have have just completed a wheelchair blanket for my mum and nearly finished a blanket i started years ago for my mother in law.

With craft, especially crocheted smaller items, you can complete a project in an afternoon or night and it makes you feel like you have accomplished something even when it can feel like you are hopeless because you can’t move from the sofa. It also gives me a great sense of pride when I give someone something I have made and it makes them happy. It helps me feel like I am worth something, that despite the pain I can make something beautiful and sometimes useful.

As you know I left my full time job, which means I no longer have a guaranteed income so this means I unfortunately can’t spend, spend, spend on yarn and craft items  I like I used to and I don’t want to give up an activity that helps me manage my pain and helps me on those down days where I feel like a failure. So Daisybeau is my small way of trying to keep this hobby going and help with the fibro.

The name Daisybeau came from me being a very indecisive person. I couldn’t think of a name to open my shop with and after brainstorming ideas and staring at my two fur babies I just decided to put their names together. Daisy is a rescue cat we adopted not long after moving into our new home. She is pure white and is a little princess. She is an indoor cat who was dumped in a carrier bag at a local pet store with her sister. Unfortunately we were not able to adopt her sister but we are lucky to have her. She was adopted from Cats Protection, who do an amazing job. Beau on the other hand was inherited. She was adopted by my Grandad who sadly passed away. My husband was expecting to only have her for a week but I knew we would be keeping her. She is mainly white with a tabby black/brown tail and two marks on her heard that look like horns. They are my babies, especially as currently I don’t have any children of my own, and they are also a great help for the fibro. Daisy seems to know when I am in a lot of pain and she sits on my lap (only time she does) and doesn’t leave my side. Beau is my middle of the night friend when i feel that the whole world is sleeping pain free when I’m not.

I am interested to find out what hobbies help you when your in pain, or if anyone else has started their own business whilst having a chronic illness?

Don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop and check out my Instagram to see pictures of my fur babies.


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