Liebster Award

Thank you to Amy from Blogmoo for nominating me for the Leibster award. I have never been nominated for an award, so this was a big surprise and filled me with joy that someone actually reads and likes my blog.  She has taken the time to read my blog and take an interest in a subject that might not be that relevant to her. As my readers know I tend to blog about chronic pain, but I have connected with many people, through the use of Twitter, who blog about a variety of different topics and Blogmoo is one of these. Be sure to check out her blog!

So what is the Liebster award? It is an award that is just on the internet for new bloggers which originated in Germany. Some people class it as a chain letter, whilst others see it as simply sharing blogs they like and recognising new bloggers.  So I have decided to accept the award and pay it forward by nominating others.

So 10 facts about me:

  1. I am a teacher
  2. I have fibromyalgia
  3. My favourite colour is orange
  4. I have two beautiful fur babies (Daisy and Beau)
  5. I have 4 siblings
  6. I love to read
  7. I currently love The 1975 (my sisters doing)
  8. I am going to be an auntie in June
  9. I am very good at procrastinating
  10. I am usually behind on the current TV shows and spend my time watching catch up TV

Questions Amy asked:

1. If someone was to play me in a movie it would probably have to be Kristen Stewart .

2. If you could only eat one food group for the rest of my life it would be bread.

3. All time favourite TV series/book is Kristen Britain’s Green Rider series. It took my husband 18 months to get me to read them and when I finally did I couldn’t put them down. I can’t wait till next month for the next book to be released.

4. Who is your idol and why? I don’t really have an idol, but I do have lots of people who inspire me including my littlest sister who is only 11 years old but battles with constant pain due to Chiari Malformation of the spine. She continues everyday, never really complains and never really lets it stop her. She is amazing.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you see? I would love to go and  teach in less developed countries.

6. Someone is on the phone for you, its an urgent call. Who would this person be…. Would you even take the call? Probably my Mum and yes I would definitely take the call.

7. Quick, what animal are you….? A sloth, this is what I want to be reincarnated as!!

8. If you could learn any skill, what would that be? I would love to be able to play the piano.

9. Based on question 8, why have you not yet learnt this skill, what has stopped you? Not enough time!

10. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be. I already have it- teacher.

11. If you could splat anyone in the face with a pie who would it be? You must justify your answer. My husband as he is often very annoying.

My nominations are:

Lysh over at bournetobeageek

Charlie over at Advice by Charlie

Millie at Millie’s Moments 

So all you have to do is post about your award and include a link to who nominated you, write 10 facts about yourself,  answer the questions below, nominate people, add the award to your blog (either a widgit or in the post) and create new questions for your nominees.

Here are my questions:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
  3. What are your dreams for the future?
  4. Where is the best place you have visited?
  5. What is your earliest memory?
  6. What couldn’t you live without?
  7. What is your favourite book?
  8. What time of year do you like best?
  9. What is your ideal/dream car?
  10. What is your favourite animal?

Here is a link to more information on the award.

Enjoy exploring new blogs!

Gentle hugs

Hannah x


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