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This is a short post but I wanted to share my new experience with you. I took part in my first Twitter chat this weekend and it was great. I was apprehensive about joining in at first as I hadn’t interacted with any of the tweeters other than to like the lead guys profile. It is interesting how my social anxiety was still at the forefront even though I wasn’t talking face to face with someone. As you can see from my blog I am not afraid to share my journey, and I do talk to others on social media, but maybe it was because there would be an instant reply. Who knows, but it was easy to get into; I started to join in after a couple of questions and my anxiety reduced seeing others jump in.
The questions were about how we interact on social media and it was interesting to see what other people thought and do. I believe social media can be a marvellous tool but can be dangerous too; that’s another post though. This chat was focused on how, when and why interactions are made. Answers ranged from support to advertising and I use social media for both of these reasons.
An unexpected outcome of this hour I spent on Twitter was the multiple views and follows I got on Twitter and the amazing blogs I discovered. I have now added several new blogs to my WordPress reader and I am excited to explore the new posts. I think it is important to support other bloggers, even if they don’t return the favour, as it helps you develop your writing and know what is currently trending in the world of blogs.

Overall I think my first chat experience was a success, I interacted with several new people and I enjoyed it.
I will definitely be joining in with another and I think you should too!
Gentle hugs
Hannah ?

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