The dreaded cold …

After fighting it for a week and a half the cold/virus/flu thing I had finally defeated me and I had to take time off work. I really didn’t want to but my body was refusing to move. 

I hate that a cold causes me to become so anxious and fearful, that it makes it harder than normal to function and that it can seem like you are exaggerating to others. I have been struggling with the fatigue recently, sometimes waves of tiredness that makes my body feel like I need to sleep right there and then and this cold has not helped. I battled on for as long as I could but I couldn’t keep going, my body just said no, and I felt so guilty about missing work. 

Getting even a cold can be a nightmare for someone with fibromyalgia. It hits you like a ton of bricks and can completely knock you out for days. It’s like having a cold on top of the flu, like staying awake for days on end and then running a marathon and it can trigger flares quickly. But as I’m sat here, starting to feel better I know that in a couple more days I will be back to my normal and can continue plodding on with life. 

A couple of days of Netflix, blankets, hot water bottles, fluids and of course my trusty mess have gotten me through this minor set back, now it’s time to build my strength back up for work on Monday!

 I have no more time this year to be ill so can all germs please stay away! 

Gentle hugs 

Hannah ?

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