Weight loss update 

Now I’m back at work and (touch wood) keeping a good routine with food I am starting to get into some better eating habits. I am tracking my calories roughly using an app on my phone and planning out meals in advance. 

Here are some pictures showing how my journey is going and I will post more when the hectic first few weeks at school have calmed down!! 

Gentle hugs

Hannah ?

5 thoughts on “Weight loss update 

    • myfibroanewbeginning says:

      Thank you. As they say slow and steady wins the race. Had a few unexpected manic days last week so had take away one night and had an Indian at the weekend at meal planned with friends so hoping for a better loss this week 🙂

      • itsyab says:

        Ahh well with a diet you know you cannot stick to them 100% of the time. As long as you go at your own pace and are happy that’s all that matters. A few treats here and there are good, as long as they are controlled as you say! I wish you the best of luck, im sure you’ll do just as good, if not better on your next weigh-in 😀

        • myfibroanewbeginning says:

          Yes and I’m trying to look at it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. Hoping that when I’ve lost all the weight I want, 40lbs is my first goal needed for fertility treatment, I will be able to maintain it better than doing a crash diet and then piling the weight back on. 🙂

          • itsyab says:

            Well you’ve got a pretty motivating goal so I am sure you will achieve it. Yea, defo think of it as a lifestyle change than a chore, plus once you get into the routine it becomes so much easier! I’m routing for you! 🙂

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