Summer holidays 

My summer holidays are drawing to a close and despite my best intentions I still have a mountain of work to do to give me the best head start on the new year. I always find the summer hard as I want to have fun, spend time with family and friends and rest and recover from the academic year, but I also always feel stressed about getting as much work as possible done to reduce the workload in the first few weeks; which are always the most tiring, I find with having a chronic illness.

This summer has been great! I spent a week in Chester with my husband, caught up with friends, including some uni friends I haven’t seen in years, spent some quality time with family, enjoyed another birthday and some days allowed myself to do nothing! Although I am feeling under the weather at the moment, I have enjoyed my time off.

My amazing birthday gift from my parents! View from Chester wall walk.

Visiting a museum on the Chester wall that looked at gruesome medical history. I couldn’t help trying the helmets on ?Reliving memories from our mini-moon last year. Me and my amazing husband, I love him so much and he is my rock!

I have been into school on several days over the summer and my classroom is starting to take shape and my planning is coming together. This will be the first time I have a class in my new school, as after being a primary school class teacher I deceided to move into special education and started as an art co-ordinator teaching art and other subjects across the whole school. I am a little nervous but excited for the new term, this is where I have wanted my career to go since I started training and it is finally here. I just hope my fibromyalgia doesn’t get in the way this year!! Back to work on Thursday and I must say that although I would love the holidays to never finish I am feeling a little more rested this year and raring to go.

I know I haven’t posted much since the blog challenge, but every time I have come to write I just haven’t been able to. My aim is to now post at least twice a month, one post I am hoping to be a book review as reading helps me relax and cope with the pain so I thought it might be nice to share books with you too. I would also like to receive your recommendations, as I am always looking for something new to read. I will also try to do a brief weekly update on my fibro, PCOS and fertility journey. As mentioned in my last post I need to have some scans and tests done over the next few months as well as work on losing 40lbs ( which is currently not happening, it will be better when I get back to work) and I would like to share my updates with you in case they can help someone in the same situation.

Gentle hugs

Hannah ?

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