4olbs To Lose

So I need to lose 40lbs in the next 4 months, which is scaring me slightly!

I recently attended an appointment with a fertility specialist as my husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year and a half with no luck. Now I know some of you will be thinking that we haven’t been trying long but last year I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome after not having a period for over 20 weeks. Once I was diagnosed my GP referred me to a specialist as on the NHS you can be referred after a year if you have a known condition affecting fertility. I have just started the process and currently undergoing tests to check my fertitlty and will hopefully be starting treatment in the new year. By then I will have been trying for nearly two years and have been told that now is a good time to try and reduce my BMI in case I need to apply for funding for IVF or other treatments if the standard treatments do not work.

So losing weight…

I have never been skinny and I don’t think I ever will, I love my food too much. I have previously tried many weight loss programmes but struggle to keep to them after the initial few weeks. I tend to lose a pretty decent amount to start with and then I get bored of calorie counting, syn watching or points and start to slowly go off track till I can’t get back on track. So I have decided to try a different approach; a life style change focus sing on lower calorie meals and stricter portion control but allowing myself treats. I know it is going to be a slow process and I am prepared for that. I am hoping that losing weight will als help with the fibro; it will hopefully give me more energy and allow me to start exercising which I know is important for the condition. 

So this is me a few months ago, I’m a little bigger now but not much:

Part of my life style change is trying to significantly reduce the amount of bread I consume. I love bread and normally have toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. Starting tomorrow I am going to swap my toast for a fruit smoothie. My sister Charlie has lent me her Breville Active blender to try and I will be using this to create my own smoothies. I did a trial run this evening and made a mixed berry and mango smoothie, I didn’t realise how easy it was and I have definitely been missing out. I even made the recipe up myself by mixing a handful of mixed frozen berries, frozen mango, no added sugar cranberry juice and some ice.

So I have around 40lbs to lose by Christmas and tomorrow is the start of my journey. I will be keeping you regularly updated with my progress and please let me know if you have any tips, words of encouragement or success stories as I would really like to hear them.

Gentle Hugs 

Hannah  ?

6 thoughts on “4olbs To Lose

  1. birdsbeesandivs says:

    I did weight loss before our last fresh IVF cycle and I used a program that uses opti-fast that my doctor recommended. It worked amazing! I loss about 30lbs in 8 weeks. And ended up pregnant for the first time in 3 years of trying. We ended up losing our pregnancy but I will absolutely do optifast again.

  2. darklady5 says:

    Sorry to hear what you’re going through. Sometimes we are better without children, I’m 43 and I have no children of my own and thanks heavens for that, my life has always been so difficult especially now unemployed and with a chronic illness, we don’t need to have a child to be whole but this is my opinion. As for the weigh loss I will never understand why people need to overeat but please don’t take me wrong, I don’t look into how many calories I eat though I’m carefully with what I eat, I ought to, fibromyalgia made me change my whole life including my diet. What I’m saying is we can eat what we love but in small portions, and home made food is the best choice, loas of fresh fruit and veggies. You can do it if only you’re willing to, it’s not easy in the beginning but in time you will see that you won’t feel the need to eat too much. Most of foods cause me pain that’s why I need to be careful with my diet but I still eat chocolate or a cake once in a while but I try to walk everytime I can and my illness allows me. Just have faith on you and you’ll see you can do this, for your own sake 🙂

    • myfibroanewbeginning says:

      Hi, thank you for the reply to my post. I completely agree that we are all entitled to our opinions. Yes I do occasionally have food I shouldn’t or overeat but most of the time I make fresh home cooked meals and eat plenty of fruit and veg. My issue with weight is also linked to medication I take and having PCOS as it makes it harder to loose weight as well as having a slow metabolism. I agree that some people don’t need children but I’m not one of those people. I don’t believe that my chronic illness should get in the way of having a family. My mum has several chronic illnesses and I am the oldest of 5, it has never stopped her. I also currently work full time as a teacher so I am lucky that my condition is under control at the moment and I don’t let it take a way the important things in my life. I know I will lose the weight not just for my future baby but also for myself. What sorts of food have you found affect your chronic illness most?

      • darklady5 says:

        like I said I wasn’t trying to criticize you, we all live hard times. As for being a parent I waited too long due financial isues and when I decided to give it a try It was too late, either for my illness and for age; we are all different towards our health problems, I am a fighter, always have been since my teens, but it’s impossible to have children when we have no jobs or even the strenght to deal with pains 24/7, I am a perfeccionist so it’s a pain in the ass because I keep pushing myself to limits even though when I know that’s enough. As for food is along list that took me one full year to study and have a journal about it all but there’s some I do like and had to cut, some others I still eat because we need it to have a balanced diet though I have to deal with incresead pains afterwards, some of these are : bread, cheese, yogurts, brussels sprouts,tomatoes, potato etc. In short, I eat mostly chicken and white fish, just boiled or simple grilled, just salt and herbs. Don’t eat potatoes and seldom eat pasta; I do still eat brussel sprouts and cheese but only in a small amount; fruit like peaches and banana are terrible for me still on summer I eat them once in a while to have a richer diet. There’s much more but it would be a very long list.
        As for weight gain due to medication I understand you, I can’t take any medication for pains since it was affecting my kidneys and liver yet I replaced them by taking Vitamin D and Glucosmine plus Omega 3, which make more effect than some medication to be honest; however, since I started taking vitamins I put a little bit on weight and no matter how much exercise I do I can’t get to my former weight but comapring you’d say that I’m crazy and skinny because I weight 47kg now but my former weight used to be 43 kg. Having a chronic illness is a nag and each of us feel it differently, what’s good for me might not be good for you and so on… But there’s something I know,after struggling to keep moving and showing that I am capable to carry on can exhaust you especially after 20 years and there’s come a day when you feel so tired of everything that the best you can do is give in and live the best you can with your best friend which is your illness… this is me now, I felt anger at first but after so many years I learned that my illness here’s here to stay forever, plus with my other health problems; I still do my work, I push myself to the limit each day, I fight in silence every day and 24/7, and trust me living with excruciating pains 24/7 is not easy and most of the time I have to pretend that I am ok, and when despair knocks on my door I try to keep my head busy by reading a book or gaming just to forget that I’m in deep pain… emotianal and physical pain. Well but it seems you’re a strong person with a lot of support so I do believe you can do it and most of all you’re still young so your faith and hope are still there to guide you. Best of luck for you dear 🙂

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