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I was initially going to only review the Aloe Heat lotion as I have been using this religiously for the pain in my back and shoulder as it has been way too hot to use water bottles! But I thought as I have several products I use pretty regularly from Forever I would review them all. I would like to say that I am not getting paid for this review, I buy the products myself and have done for some time. I used to be a Forever Living consultant before Uni and now buy through my sister. 

So the Aloe Heat lotion is my best friend! I love it and I have tried lots of different brands and lotions for the pain and this one gives me the best relief. The Aloe Heat lotion comes in a 118ml tube and is a lotion that contains warming ingredients and aloe.The lotion penetrates the layers of skin and provides a deep muscle relief. The product contains all natural ingredients and can be used regularly on the skin. It has never caused me irritation and doesn’t burn, but the scent is quite strong and can sometimes be a little over powering. I tend to use it before bed and get my husband to gently massage it into my back and shoulders. This is a product I return to daily and currently wouldn’t swap. The tube costs £12.73 and generally lasts me over a month, but this depends entirely on how much I use and how often; when the pain isn’t too high I don’t use it as much and it can last me longer.

The Aloe Gelly and the Aloe Moisturiser I use regularly but not daily. The Aloe Gelly is pure Aloe gel and is great for applying to cuts, burns and sores. You can even apply it to your pets; I regularly use it on my cat in the summer if she gets sunburn on her ears. The Moisturiser is a lovely consistency and also includes aloe, I use it as a makeup base when my skin is particular dry and also on my legs. It isn’t really scented and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. The hand and face soup is also really nice and removes the smell of the heat lotion from your hands quite well. I use this as a daily face wash and it lasts for ages. You only really need half a pump and it lathers up extremely well. This is a nice gentle product suitable for all ages. 

The next product is the Sonya fine line eyeliner, it is amazing. I am not the best at eye liner and I like a thin line rather than a thick line on a day to day basis so this has been perfect. It is a lovely texture, wears well and doesn’t irratate my eyes.  As you can see below ou can create different sized lines and build it up to create dramatic full lines. The product costs £18.85 but well worth it in my eyes. I don’t wear it every day and do switch between different ones but this is my ultimate favourite liquid eye liner. 

The eyeliner can be built up to create a more dramatic flick!

Swatch of Flawless By Sonya liquid eye liner

The last product I use regularly is the Forever Bright Aloe Tooth Gel. The gel is a gentle non fluoride formula that contains aloe and bee propolis. It an be used on all ages and even pets. It is £5.98 per tube and is a really good toothpaste. You only need a small amount and it last a reasonably long time when being used by one person. It tastes fine and doesn’t leave a nasty after taste or leave your mouth ‘burning’ which can sometimes happen with some strong branded tooth pastes. 

Photo taken by Advice By Charlie

Photo taken by Advice by Charlie

I hope this review may help you if you are looking for new products and check out my Instagram page where I will be giving away a selection of samples for you to try!

Please let me know about any products you find helpful or any products you would like me to review in future.

Gentle hugs 


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