Day 30- I’ve made it! 

So today is the final day of mine and advicebycharlie’s 30 day blog challenge. I set out to develop my habit for blogging more regularly and although it hasn’t always been daily my posts have become more regular. Today’s been optic is when, where and how I blog which is easy to answer.

When? I blog as often as I can or have time to. Being a full time teacher makes it harder to blog during term times, especially in the week as I am often too many tired because of the fibro. I usually blog at night and us it as a way to relax or when I want a break from work at the weekends.

Where? I usually blog in bed, but often blog on the go as well. I enjoy going for a coffee and writing a post, watching the world go by. I am currently writing this post whilst at my parents waiting for my dad to arrive home.

How? I tend to blog on my iPad or my iPhone as I like the WordPress app. I tend to write my posts into pages first, especially when I am out and about, and  then copy them into WordPress. I bought a wireless keyboard to go with my iPad which I use occasionally at home, but normally I just sit and work on my iPad or iPhone. I like the fact that I can use them both so interchangeably.

How, where and when do you blog or where would you like to blog?

Thank you for joining me on this challenge, I hope you have found it helpful and feel like you have gotten to know me more. Please remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates as I will only be posting on here once or twice a week as a minimum from now on. This blog challenge has h lpthe d me develop the habit of blogging and my aim is to post at least weekly along with some othe monthly posts.

Let me know if there are any topics you would like covered, one reader has already contacted me asking to write more about fibromyalgia and how it affects me so that post is on its way, along with some products reviews of  things that help me.

Gentle hugs


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