Day 27- Hopes for my blog

My hopes for my blog are simple; my blog is a place where I can share my experiences of chronic illness to raise awareness and to support those who also suffer. 

I started writing my blog as I knew my life had to change, I was fed up of my fibro being in charge of my life and I needed a way to work through my feelings and the changes needed. Also I was just about to return to work after a major flare and 9 weeks off so wanted somewhere I could point colleagues to to find out more about the condition and my daily life rather than having to explain it over and over. I don’t mind telling people but sometimes it’s nice to have something written. 

So my hopes for the future are to continue to document daily life with a chronic illness to support this with the illness and to raise awareness/ show people without the illness what life is like on a daily basis. 

If my blog can help one person then it has done the job I intended it to do. 
Gentle hugs 

Hannah ?

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