Day 24 – relationship status

This is an easy post, I am married to the man of my dreams. We have been together 7 years this week and been married for a year and a half. I met Ste during my gap year through mutual friends and we connected straight away, it was just so comfortable and natural and he made me laugh. He is the most supportive person I know, first through university, then through my first year of teaching and my fibro diagnosis and since then he has been my rock. I don’t think I would still be here if I didn’t have him. He does everything for me, from the housework to helping me in and out of the bath, even blow drying my hair when I am in a flare. I know I am lucky and spoken to many others who don’t have supportive partners, and although I do sometimes take him for granted I know I am loved and I love him very much. 

What is your relationship status? Is your partner,husband, wife of family supportive?

Gentle hugs 


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        • myfibroanewbeginning says:

          It is! I have spoken to many people who have the complete opposite support at home. I am very lucky as I also have a very supportive family and very good friends, I struggle when it comes to work as my colleagues sometimes don’t understand how one day I can be ‘fine’ and the next not. I believe everybody should try to help others and be kind, if everyone did that despite race, religion, disability, sexuality etc. the world would be a better place x

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