Day 15- Everyday makeup look

Well this post is easy as most days I am so tired I can’t be bothered to put makeup on!!

But normally I will put a moisturiser on as a base, some illuminating concealer, a powdered foundation and mascara on. This only takes me 5 minutes as every moment I have in the morning is precious. Plus I don’t want to use too many spoons before I get to work!!


One thought on “Day 15- Everyday makeup look

  1. Fibronacci says:

    HA!! Can totally relate to this one! šŸ˜€ All I wear is a tinted sunscreen mixed with a natural turmeric face cream. Gives my face a nice glow, protects me from the sun and does a halfway decent job of covering up some of my blemishes. I am not too worried about my blemishes showing anyway, so I save myself the energy of putting on the power foundation.

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