Day 12- daily routine

So my daily routine depends on wether it is the weekend or not and on what I am teaching. I will run through a general week day for you.

So weekdays my alarm is set for 5.45 and then 15 minute intervals till 6.30am. I find the mornings difficult; I’m always tired and always stiff and achy. When my alarm goes off I usually catch up on Twitter, Facebook or emails till 6am and then slowly work up the motivation to get out of bed. Once up I stay stairs and wash, do my makeup, get dressed and do my hair. I then go downstairs and put the kettle on, turn bbc breakfast on and make my lunch/put my lunch in my work bag. Once I have done his I make my breakfast and a cup of tea and sit watching the news for 15-20minutes. After breakfast I brush my teeth downstairs. We are lucky to have a downstairs bathroom, as I find going up the stairs uses too many spoons!!

I then leave the house around 7am to drive to work. I work about 3o minutes away, depending on traffic, and usually arrive around 7.30 am. Once at work I go to my classroom, grab my mug and head to the staff room to make my next cup of tea. I do love my tea and drink several cups a day. I then start prepping any resources I need for the day or set my room up, check my work emails and the calendar and then it is time for the pupils to arrive. Once the pupils are in I teach from 8.45-3.00 and depending on the day will have a break duty to do. At lunch time I like to spend at least half an hour resting and eating my lunch with work colleagues, I need this time to reenergise as by this point the fatigue is slowly creeping in. I find that lunch time and break times are important in helping me pace myself and on the days I do break duties and don’t have free’s my pain and fatigue levels are a lot higher. Once the pupils leave the. It will either be marking work, prepping resources, sorting my art room out or attending meetings or training sessions. Then in is home time. The journey home can sometimes take a lot longer due to traffic but once I’m home I cook dinner and then set aside time to work on school related things. Once my work is done I often go up to bed and write, catch up with Twitter or Facebook, colour, read or watch TV. I usually go up around 7 and try not to use devices after 8 to help with bedtime routine as I struggle to sleep. Once I am ready for bed I wash, brush my teeth and take my meds. I currently only take co-codamol as amitriptilyn isn’t safe when trying to conceive. But that is a whole other post. Once I have taken my meds I usually use heat or cold packs to help relieve the tension in my shoulders and then settle down to sleep.

This isn’t the most exciting post but I hope you feel like you’re getting to know me better through the 30 day blog challenge.

Gentle hugs


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