Day 5 – Favourite YouTube Channels

So today is favourite YouTube Channels. I spend a lot of time on YouTube, especially when I am unable to sleep and in pain. My top YouTube Channels are very varied and not just based on chronic illness.

My number one channel is Pixiwoo. This channel is made by two sisters who are makeup artists and have been working in the industry for many years. Together they have created their own brush line through their company Real Techniques. They post weekly videos with different makeup tutorials and tips. They are easy to watch and I really enjoy trying out different makeup styles.

My next favourite is Tanya Burr, as mentioned in my previous post, she creates videos and blog posts on lifestyle, baking and makeup. She also has her very own makeup range which is fantastic and I am looking forward to ordering her latest makeup products. I will do a review of these when they arrive. She is easy to listen to and a very likeable character. Her videos include lots of good tips and she is very down to earth.

My current favourite chronic illness vlogger is FibroFightingBarbie. I enjoy her blog as she also has PCOS and has been through fertility treatment to have her beautiful baby boy. She is a daily vlogger and vlogs about her chronic illness, lifestyle, infertility and her little boy. You can also follow her on twitter.

Bella Coco is another channel I enjoy and she posts tutorials on how to crochet. I enjoy watching these and learning how to do new patterns and techniques. I also follow her on twitter.

I subscribe to several other channels, but these are my favourite.

Comment below with channels you would recommend and take a look at the above if they interest you.

Gentle Hugs

Hannah ♥

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