Day 3 – Pets

So today is all about pets. I have two cats called Daisy and Beau and have always loved animals. Myself and my husband decided that cats would be the best pets as we both work full time and would be unable to give a dog the time it needed.

This is Daisy:


We adopted Daisy from a re-homing charity after she was found dumped in a carrier bag in a local pet shop. She is pure white and around 5-6 years old. She is a timid cat but grumpy madame who is a very pampered princess. It has taken her a very long time to settle with us and feel comfortable enough to sit on our laps and have a fuss. She will only drink running water and doesn’t like going outside; she has always been an indoor cat. Daisy is my little fur baby and can often tell when I am having a flare; she will sit on my lap or tummy and give me cuddles, not leaving my side all day if I don’t move. She is currently adjusting to living with another cat as we have recently adopted Beau.

This is Beau:


Beau has been living with us since May and was originally my Grandad’s cat, but when he died we decided to see if we could introduce her and Daisy. Beau is a very fussy cat who loves to sit on your lap and have cuddles, the complete opposite to Daisy. She has currently taken upstairs as her domain and Daisy mainly stays downstairs. She is adjusting well to being an indoor cat but occasionally tries to escape through the windows if she is watched. They are slowly becoming more tolerant towards each other and we hope in the months to come they will be able to cohabit more peacefully.

My cats mean the world to me, they offer so much comfort when I am in pain and I’m tired and I don’t know what I’d do with out them.

Who else finds comfort in pets?

Gentle hugs

Hannah ♥

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