Day 2 – name of blog

Today is a short blog as I have been visiting friends all day, as I’ve been having a good pain day, and I am currently sat at my friends having a few drinks and relaxing.
I even managed to do my make up and hair today!!!

The reason behind my blog name is simple; I have fibromyalgia and I decided that I needed a new beginning.

After having time off from work I needed to make a change and start living my life again despite my chronic illness. I have been struggling with what I call grief for my old life and this is my way of working through the changes and learning how to manage my condition.

Also I wanted a name that linked to the condition and allowed me the freedom to post on a variety of topics linked to my condition and other subjects.

I have received some lovely messages in regard to my blog and I appreciate everyone taking the time to read and comment!

Gentle hugs

Hannah ?

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