30 day blog challenge 

Tomorrow I will be starting a 30 day blog challenge that me and my sister (Find her
blog here) have made together. We will both be blogging using the list of blog themes that you can find below. We wont be blogging about anything else for the next 30 days that isn’t on the list. You are welcome to use this blog challenge on your blog but we ask that you do
not remove our web addresses from the bottom and it would be much appreciated if you would mention where you got the image from. 

Gentle hugs 


2 thoughts on “30 day blog challenge 

  1. thespoonieparent says:

    Reblogged this on the spoonie parent and commented:
    This lovely blogger Hannah recently followed me and I’m glad she did! I think I will complete her 30-day blog challenge as I am always wondering what to post when I am working on bigger posts that require more of my time.

    I highly recommend checking her blog out and completing this 30-day challenge!!
    Much Love,
    – The Spoonie Parent

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