I have really struggled this week with fatigue, I don’t know where it has come from but it has wiped me out.

Fatigue is a major part of my fibro and although I am tired all the time I normally manage quite well. I am still able to work full time, cook dinner and take care of myself which is more than some can, and I am very grateful for this. I also struggle to sleep waking frequently in the night or finding it hard to drop off and when I do sleep my body doesn’t tend to go into the deep restorative sleep it needs.

I always struggle towards the end of the week, Friday nights are my crash nights! But this week I got to Tuesday and my body said no. I got home Tuesday and crashed, falling asleep for two hours, waking up and then going straight to bed without dinner. I was so tired, but sleep did not help. Wednesday morning I was still feeling exhausted  and have done ever since. This morning I was feeling better, but as usually feeling ok has meant I have over done it. After getting up, making breakfast and putting a mountain of clothes away I am again shattered. I managed a quick shower to freshen myself up but that was a struggle.

I hate that it is the normal day to day activities that I find hard; showering, washing, hoovering, putting clothes away etc. Why does this condition take so much away from me? I often feel useless, outside of work, as my husband has to do everything for me.  I know it is stereotypical to  say,  but I’m the one who should be doing the household chores, or at least helping him to do them. But after a day at work I can just about manage to cook dinner and finish off lesson resources for the following day.

So how do I normally manage my fatigue?

  1. Pacing- still working on this, I occasionally still burn myself out when having a good day.
  2. Not working after 7pm and getting an early night. I know this sounds strange coming from an adult, even by 10 year old sister sometimes goes to bed later than I do, but it is my way of ensuring I give myself the best possible chance to have a good 8+ hours sleep, especially on a school night!
  3. Bedtime routine, including relaxing baths, no electronics and reading a good book. This helps my body prepare for sleep.
  4. Morning routine, including time to sit and have a cup of tea and letting my body wake up naturally.
  5. Prioritising! Trying to focus on the most important tasks like work.
  6. Planning- making sure I have a clear action plan so that the tasks I need to do aren’t rushed. So I always work during the day Saturday and Sunday so I reduce the amount of planning/resources that need to be done in the week.

These are the main things I try and do and I will be the first to admit that these don’t happen all the time, especially when life is hectic.

Well I need to start writing some school reports and planning next weeks lessons.

Gentle Hugs


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