A broken heart – part 1 

Over the course of my life I’ve had my heart broken many times; sometimes figuratively and once literally.

As I mentioned in my About section I have been on a bit of a mad journey with my health, with lots of ups and downs. The first major issues started when I was a baby, I had a heart murmur and was being checked regularly. When I was nearly four  I experienced my first major life event linked to health; major heart surgery. I was attending a regular check up at Birmingham Children’s Hospital when they noticed something wasn’t right and after tests they found my heart wasn’t working as it should be. I was diagnosed with a pulmonary stenosis which is when the pulmonary valve is narrow causing the muscle of the right ventricle to work harder. So they performed an operation to correct this.
As the years progressed it didn’t cause me much trouble and I was discharged at the age of 10. As I developed into a teenager issues from my surgery started to appear. Due to scaring I did not develop evenly and this meant more surgery. Surgery is not to be taken lightly and when asked I would not recommend having breast implants for cosmetic reasons; it’s painful! I had an implant put under my muscle to make it look natural. I ended up needing one more surgery and by the time I was 18 I was more happy and confident, I could wear low cut tops and swimsuits and I wasn’t constantly worried someone was looking at my uneven chest.

I am so grateful for the treatment I have received for my heart condition, who knows if I would even be here if they hadn’t found it. It is important that no matter how much pain we are in we give thanks for the positives. This might be a smile from a loved one, achieving a goal or just managing to get out of bed. I try to see each day as a new beginning, try to stay positive in the light of constant fatigue and pain, try to enjoy the little moments that make me glad to be alive despite the monster that is Fibromyalgia sitting on my shoulder constantly.

Gentle hugs

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