Why is it that even when you are so tired you can’t keep your eyes open one minute, do you then suddenly become unable to sleep when you go to bed?

Today has been a long day. We had a circus themed day at school with acrobats, clowns, storytellers and an artist; it was fantastic, but I’m paying now.

As the art subject leader it was my job to support and direct the visiting artist. This meant gathering resources, designing some additional activities, supporting the children ( I work in SEN), managing behaviour and tidying up. I did not stop from 7:30am when I arrived at school until 3:15pm when I had finished packing away, apart from the 20-30 minutes I took for lunch. Anyone with Fibromyalgia or other chronic illnesses will know that this is not pacing and may ask why I do it to myself?

The answer to that is simple; I love my job. Although it is tough, even without fibro, it is so rewarding that sometimes you just have to smile through the pain.

So what do I do on days like these to ease my symptoms?

  1. Try to rest the day before and get an early night.
  2. Do not plan anything for the evening or following days, apart from school work.
  3. Have a relaxed evening and a warm bath.
  4. Find something to take my mind off the pain like reading, writing or crocheting.
  5. Finally try to have an early night.

As you can see number 5 hasn’t happened and although I am extremely tired and taken my pain meds, my legs and shoulders are causing me so much pain I can’t sleep.

I hope you are all having a more successful rest than I am and I will post more tomorrow.

Gentle hugs

Hannah ?

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