The Little Things

It is amazing how hard the little things in life can be when you are in pain and constantly tired. Getting dressed, brushing/styling my hair and even walking down the stairs tires me out, and that’s before I even get to work.

It is Sunday night, just before 7pm and I have just worked up the energy to have a shower after working all morning and doing the food shop this afternoon. I got home from a lovely couple of hours with family and knew that if I didn’t get straight into the shower then I wouldn’t be having one tonight.

So whilst I cook dinner, I am taking five minutes to write and recover from my shower. As I sit here my legs are aching from standing, my arms hurt from washing my hair and drying myself and I just feel completely exhausted. You may be thinking why don’t I have a bath, it is exactly what my husband says, and you are right it would save the standing but then I struggle to wash my hair and end up having to have a shower anyway. You may also be asking why does such a simple thing, such as showering, cause so much pain and and problems and this is what I ask myself everyday and still don’t have and answer for.

Now onto my next dilemma, do I have enough energy to dry my hair and do something with it or will I spend the next few days with it scraped back in a bun because it is easier to let it dry naturally?

The little things are made harder when symptoms flare or we are in more pain due to injury. Today I twisted my knee. I wish I could say it was a dancing injury like I would have been able to say 10 years ago, but no it happened as I got out of bed this morning. I was stiff and moved slightly too far in the wrong direction and bam! my knee has been hurting ever since. This made showering and food shopping even harder than normal today.

So this evening I am going to enjoy my dinner, watch some catch up TV, start a crocheted blanket form my sister dog (if I’m not too tired dry my hair so I at least look a little more presentable for work) and hope that the next week is better than the last week!

13254138_10209509369000366_6756757205775115308_nTinkerbell (photo taken by Charlotte HalfordGood night all!


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