30 day blog challenge 

Tomorrow I will be starting a 30 day blog challenge that me and my sister (Find her blog here) have made together. We will both be blogging using the list of blog themes that you can find below. We wont be blogging about anything else for the next 30 days that isn't on the list. [...]


I have really struggled this week with fatigue, I don't know where it has come from but it has wiped me out. Fatigue is a major part of my fibro and although I am tired all the time I normally manage quite well. I am still able to work full time, cook dinner and take [...]

Being inspired

Today has been a long day. After a full day teaching, I attended an afternoon training session. It was one of those sessions you're emailed about, agree to and then forget about till the day of.  Although I had a rubbish night sleep and was dreading attending the meeting, I enjoyed it.  The talk was [...]

A broken heart – part 1 

Over the course of my life I've had my heart broken many times; sometimes figuratively and once literally. As I mentioned in my About section I have been on a bit of a mad journey with my health, with lots of ups and downs. The first major issues started when I was a baby, I [...]


Why is it that even when you are so tired you can't keep your eyes open one minute, do you then suddenly become unable to sleep when you go to bed? Today has been a long day. We had a circus themed day at school with acrobats, clowns, storytellers and an artist; it was fantastic, [...]

The Little Things

It is amazing how hard the little things in life can be when you are in pain and constantly tired. Getting dressed, brushing/styling my hair and even walking down the stairs tires me out, and that's before I even get to work. It is Sunday night, just before 7pm and I have just worked up the [...]