Fibro and Me

Are you in pain now? Does it really hurt all over? You can’t always be in pain, can you? You can’t be tired!
Yes, yes and yes!!!
These are the sort of questions I get asked all the time and I know it can be hard to understand or believe that someone can be tired and in pain 24/7. I know because I was one of those people that asked those questions. My sister was diagnosed with the condition and I, like many others, found it hard to believe she was in as much pain and fatigue as she said she was. Boy was I wrong! Since I was diagnosed 3 years ago, I have now realised how wrong I was. After writing my previous post I thought it would be good to let you know how the fibromyalgia affects me. 

My symptoms:

• Widespread pain

• Extreme fatigue 

• Increased sensitivity to pain (hyperalgesia –extreme sensitivity to pain and allodynia – when you feel pain from something that should not cause pain, like a soft touch)

• Muscle stiffness

• Difficulty sleeping and poor sleep quality 

• Cognitive problems (fibro fog)- problems remembering or learning new things, problems with attention and concentration

• Headaches or migraines 


• Dizziness and clumsiness

• Trouble regulating body temperature

• Restless legs syndrome – overwhelming urge to move legs due to pain

• Paraesthesia- tingling, numbness or burning in hands and feet

• Depression

• Anxiety 

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